Curtis Unlimited

Lotus Seven replica parts

Bert and Fay Curtis keep vintage racers on the track (and vintage GMC motorhomes on the road, but that's a different story) by supplying parts the original manufacturers don't offer any more. They have a full line of replica pre-Caterham Lotus Seven replacement parts, and since they don't have a web presence, we thought we'd go ahead and post their parts list and contact information for them; it's here FYI and YMMV, but they're my go-to folks when I'm looking for something that's sufficiently replica to get past tech inspection at a vintage race.

I am particularly fond of their part # SS-106 3" wider clamshell fenders and SS-15 wide clamshell and headlight mount. They're what I run when I want my car to look like a genuine Lotus Seven, a la the Prisoners of Petroleum car (shown below) we ran in Escape from Berkeley.

All Curtis parts are made to order. The best time to catch them is mid-afternoon through midnight; they're serious night owls. You can order their parts direct from...

Bert and Fay Curtis
707 443-8523



SS-01    $90.00    Rear fender 7 or 9 inch wide
SS-02    100.00    Rear fender 10 or 11 inch wide
SS-03    125.00    Rear fender 15 inch wide
SS-05     90.00    Front clamshell wing
SS-06    105.00    Front clamshell wing, three inches wider at tip
SS-06b     60.00    Front cycle fender 7.5 across top, 8.5 across the bottom
SS-07      170.00    Nose, S2, low
SS-07b    175.00    Nose, 1.5 inches taller
SS-08     3750.00    Frame, unskinned
SS-08b     4750.00    Frame. Updated w/extra bracing
SS-09    120.00    Lower front a-arm
SS-10    175.00    Lower rear a-arm
SS-11     50.00    Rear upper link
SS-12    125.00    Front anti-roll bar
SS-13    125.00    Engine mount, 1600 Ford engine
SS-14     60.00    Forward front fender mount w/headlight mounting bracket
SS-15     65.00    Forward front fender mount w/headlight mounting bracket for wider fender
SS-16     50.00    Rearward front fender mount
SS-17     50.00    Nose grille, unplated
SS-18     65.00    Fiberglass bucket racing seat
SS-19     50.00    Brake pedal
SS-20     50.00    Clutch pedal
SS-21     50.00    Throttle pedal
SS-22     50.00    Steering wheel mounting hub
SS-23    150.00    Windshield aluminum mounts, set



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