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(Latest update July 11, 2013)

Since July, 2008, Mother Earth News has posted Jack's blog about the continued development of MAX, our high mileage sports car. With over 100 entries posted, an index is in order. We'll add the latest entry to the top of the list, each time a new MAX Update entry goes on line.

We've included thumbnail photos where we feel they add clarity...or will pique your curiosity.

MAX Update No. 32: Why We Resigned from the Auto X Prize

Aug 17, 2009 ... We have officially withdrawn MAX from the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition. It was a no-hard-feelings decision by both ...

MAX Update No. 31: A Cheap Lesson

Jul 14, 2009 ... Perhaps if we had just listened to the deer all along, we never would've ended up in this gas guzzling mess.

MAX Update No. 30: When in Deer Country, Roll with It

Jul 1, 2009 ... I'm replacing MAX's aluminum windshield frame with something more substantial — a steel tube the same size as the roll bar. It will support the ...

MAX Update No. 29: Cardboard-aided Design

In the pursuit of 100 mpg, cardboard is a nice medium for conceptualizing design features, but it has its limitations.

MAX Update No. 28: MPG Heats Up

Apr 29, 2009 ... Thoughts on the potentially fuzzy math of mpg calculations.

MAX Update No. 27: The 5,000 Mile Inspection

Apr 9, 2009 ... One would think a car wouldn't need a mechanical inspection at 5000 miles. But when you're building a 100-mpg car from scratch, and the ...

MAX Update No. 26: Seeking Ideas for More Horsepower

Mar 26, 2009 ... MAX needs 25 percent more horsepower to get from zero to 60 mph in less than 18 seconds. Got any suggestions?

MAX Update No. 25: Inspiration from Craig Vetter, 470 mpg

Mar 11, 2009 ... MAX is well on its way to 100 mpg, if the lessons from these 100+ mpg motorcyles are any indication.

MAX Update No. 24: New Front Fenders

Feb 19, 2009 ... MAX's aerodynamic makeover is underway with a new fender design.

MAX Update No. 23: Art Class & Watch Brink Tomorrow

Jan 29, 2009 ... Sequestered indoors, Jack goes to work on streamlining MAX's body.

MAX Update No. 22: Learn to Drive Stick Shift with MAX

Jan 16, 2009 ... The Saturday before The EG, Mother Earth News sent a photojournalist down to make sure MAX was for real (it's amazing the things I can do ...

MAX Update No. 21: New Motivation for an Enclosed Cabin

Jan 9, 2009 ... Jack gets a wallop of motivation for a fully enclosed cabin, and looks ahead to a future of inquisitive grandchildren.

MAX Update No. 20: The Most Real Green Car at the EG

Dec 23, 2008 ... MAX turns heads and makes an impression at The EG, aka the Entertainment Gathering.

MAX Update No. 19: A Roof over Our Heads

Dec 5, 2008 ... They're paying my expenses to get there from my home here in Oregon, which, since I'm taking MAX, should be about $18 of fuel. That, and lots ...

MAX Update No. 18: Defining Drag, Part 1

Nov 26, 2008 ... It's time to calculate MAX's aerodynamic drag. Enter champagne science on a beer budget!

MAX Update No. 17: No Business Like Show Business

Nov 19, 2008 ... Brink TV show seeks "low-budget mad scientist." Jack and his MAX project fit the bill!

MAX Update No. 16: Charmed Looks vs. Fuel-efficient Design

Nov 5, 2008 ... It's the age-old tug of war between good looks and streamlined, aerodynamic design.

MAX Update No. 15: Give Me Veggie Oil, Give Me Victory

Oct 24, 2008 ... What kind of mpg did MAX get in the race? How did Jack get fuel along the way? How much can you get for a t-shirt and a copy of Mother Earth ...

MAX Wins 800-Mile Road Rally, Without Gas - Green Transportation ...

Using straight vegetable oil for fuel, Jack McCornack and MAX took first prize in the Escape from Berkeley alternative fuels road rally.

Breaking News: MAX Wins Escape from Berkeley!

Oct 14, 2008 ... MAX wins Escape from Berkeley. Jack had close competition up to the last day of the three-day race from Wayne Keith, who drove a Dodge ...

MAX Update No. 14: Victory in Vegas!

Oct 15, 2008 ... MAX debuts by taking the checkered flag of the 800+ mile, no gasoline consumed, Escape from Berkeley race.

MAX Update No. 13: Sleeping Through the Steam

Oct 10, 2008 ... MAX is encountering robust competition at Escape from Berkeley.

MAX Update No. 12: Arrival at Berkeley

Oct 10, 2008 ... MAX is hitting 60 mpg. That's better than a Prius, and before we get serious about streamlining.

MAX Update No. 10: MAX to Escape from Berkeley

Sep 23, 2008 ... To get the best results from the MAX car, we are trying to identify the fuel that is the most efficient.

MAX Update No. 9: But is it Art? - Mother Earth News

Sep 16, 2008 ... The fine art of automotive design, especially high-mpg design.

MAX Update No. 8: Fuels Rush In

Sep 8, 2008 ... MAX version 2.0 is about to start moving. This may come as a surprise, but Jack is going to try it with biodiesel.

MAX Update No. 7: Science Marches On - Mother Earth News

Aug 28, 2008 ... We hit one teeny snag in final assembly. As you recall, the original MAX got a significant swat from behind, which we feared might have affected ...

MAX Update No. 6: A Gray Area

Aug 21, 2008 ... MAX is back from the dead after its infamous wreck. So why is the frame gray?

MAX Update No. 5: Keeping the Faith

Aug 15, 2008 ... MAX has a three-wheeled distant cousin that's a diesel-electric hybrid.

MAX Update No. 4: Crash Test Dummy

Aug 5, 2008 ... Last Drive for MAX This one's going in my wallet. It's the last pretty picture of MAX, on its way to a date with destiny. An hour later, MAX was in ...

MAX Update No. 3: Thank You for Small Favors

Jul 25, 2008 ... MAX gets a small favor from high-end luxury sports cars.

MAX Update No. 2: Changing My Mind About Biofuels

Jul 21, 2008 ... I've been asked why I've ended my romance with biofuels. It's a fair question, particularly because I used to be a biofuels buff back in the '70s ...

MAX Update No. 1: Half a Glass

Jul 16, 2008 ... Or is there just too much glass? I'm designing MAX to be just the right amount of "glass" for the vast majority of our driving. Here's to efficiency.