GAZ Coilover Shocks

GAZ coilover shocks are pretty much the world standard for Locosts, they are inexpensive, adjustable, effective and skinny.

They're available in a wide range of lengths and spring rates and are factory made to your order--and airfreighted from Great Britain to your door.

The US GAZ importer was Dennis Brunton (Brunton Performance Products) of Stalker fame, and Kinetic Vehicles was his dealer. His web site had a quite slick spreadsheet for calculating spring rathe, wheel rate, and suspension frequency. Since Dennis passed away, I suppose I (Jack McC) am the hippest GAZ guy on this side of the pond, and we can provide shocks and guidance on the full range of products in the GAZ Shock Catalog; though my main experience is with their small sports car and sports racer shocks, such as shown above.

For these shocks, order by length eye to eye (see part number chart) and spring rate (160lbs, 180, 200 then rises in 25lbs stages e.g. 275, 325...). For spring rates over 400 pounds, add $4 per spring. A spring perch spanner (hey, I didn't name it) is included with each set of four shocks and springs, and you can mix and match shocks and springs to make a set. Options include gold anodized aluminum body instead of steel body ($86 per shock) and rod end eyes instead of bushings ($29 per shock).

The US Dollar price per shock absorber is slightly variable, as there is a bit of fluctuation in the value of the $ vs. the £, and we buy from GAZ with Pounds Sterling, and you'll buy from us with US Dollars. The shocks as shown are £77.31 each, which in 2022 has ranged from a high of $106.15 in February to a low of $93.93 in August. If you order GAZ products from us, we'll send you a pro forma invoice showing what your cost will be in Real Money.

We use the GAZ Shocks price list, and you can learn more about their work on the GAZ Shocks web site.

Do you need help figuring out spring rate for your car? Dennis Brunton's spreadsheet will help. Until I figure out how to install an .xls spreadsheet into our web site, you're going to have to send the data to me; I'll plug it in to Dennis' spreadsheet and send you back a copy by email, where you can modify it to your heart's content. I'll need Angle A, Distances D1 and D2 (in inches), and unsprung weight (in pounds). Specify driving style, e.g. track only, occasional track, or street only.

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