GAZ Coilover Shocks

GAZ coilover shocks are pretty much the world standard for Locosts, they are inexpensive, adjustable, effective and skinny.

They're available in a wide range of lengths and spring rates and are factory made to your order--but you won't have long to wait for delivery; our price includes FedEx airfreight from Great Britain to your door.

The US importer is Dennis Brunton (Brunton Performance Products) of Stalker fame. His web site has a quite slick spreadsheet for calculating spring rate, wheel rate, and suspension frequency; you can click the highlighted text above or cut-and-paste the link shown below.


Order by length eye to eye (see part number chart) and spring rate (160lbs, 180, 200 then rises in 25lbs stages e.g. 275, 325...). For spring rates over 400 pounds, add $4 per spring. A spring perch spanner (hey, I didn't name it) is included with each set of four shocks and springs, and you can mix and match shocks and springs to make a set. Options include gold anodized aluminum body instead of steel body ($86 per shock) and rod end eyes instead of bushings ($29 per shock).

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