For orders and billing, email us at SEE NOTE BELOW

You can email me personally at SEE NOTE BELOW

Call us at (541) 592-3375

Mail to Kinetic Vehicles, PO Box 1150, Creswell, OR 97426*

IMPORTANT EMAIL INFORMATION: Lately we've been deluged with opportunities to refinance pharmacuticals from asian coeds while losing weight fast, and it's hard to wade through them for your messages. We do want to hear from you and want to respond promptly, but we're being buried in spam.

So here's our trick: if you include the initials <KV> in the subject line; for example...

subject: Are noses in stock?KV

subject: KV Woohoo! I took my first drive today! won't get misplaces by our spam filters. We search for that letter pair, and email that lacks that code is likely to be missed. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it does help us serve you better, since we don't have to waste time wading through...cybernetic bullbleep.

Also, any e-mail with unexpected attachments is discarded. Our ISP has no way of knowing if an attachment is going to cause problems, whether it's a vicious virus or just a waste of resources. Contact us for specific instructions if you want to send us something, and include file name, file type and file size with your query. Best way is, send us a link to the file so we can pick it up from our end. PS: Please no more cute cat pictures with amusing captions.

Regards, Jack McCornack

*KV R&D is still in Cave Junction, but when the Post Office burned down, it took a lot of mail with it, even better excuse than "The dog ate my homework." Use the Creswell mailing address: Kinetic Vehicles, PO Box 1150, Creswell OR 97426