Fuel tanks


The ubiquitous JAZ fuel cell. The one on the left is their 10 gallon circle track tank, found on maybe half the Locosts in America. The one on the right is their 8 gallon drag race horizontal tank. The shells are seamless cross-linked polyethyline, and there are a large number of options (see the bottom of this page).

JAZ mostly sells these in opaque black, which gives many folks a feeling of solidity. We stock them in black, but that's because the natural color (shown in these photos) costs another $20; truth is, if you're going to be rear ended, the black pigment isn't going to help you much. My preference is the natural color; a milky color sometimes referred to as 'clear'; well, it's not clear, but it's translucent enough that you can see the fuel level through it. Ten gallon tanks are also available with fuel senders (call us for specifics), but personally I use the same fuel management technique I use with my competition aircraft--I turn around and look.

The usual JAZ tanks come with a D-ring "bail handle" fuel filler. Our usual is the aircraft-style flush filler as shown in the photos, but we can get them with D-ring fillers if you prefer...for example, MAX has a D-ring filler 'cause since it sticks up from the tank a little bit, I find it easier to get to under the streamlined bodywork.

The 10 gallon vertical tank fits behind live axles, and will fit book frames and bigger. Its dimensions are 25" wide, 9" long at the top (and 9-1/2" long at the bottom), and 12" deep. It has an AN8 fuel fitting on the top right and an AN6 tip-valve vent on the top left, and we can have them made with a fuel return line fitting. With MIL-SPEC anti-slosh foam inside (which is how you want it, I assure you) the JAZ price is $278.25. We buy enough of these to give our fellow Locosters 20% off, so from us it's $222.60.

Unless you plan well in advance for the 10 gallon tank, it's not likely to fit in a frame with independent rear suspension, so we offer...

The 8 gallon horizontal tank fits on top of the differential mount on most Locosts modified for IRS. Dimensions are 20" wide, 15" long, and 9" deep, with a 2" sump at the back. The frame above is from a CMC "Classic" (translation: live axle) kit; if you have IRS or a DeDion setup you probably won't have to install a plank and a cardboard box to support the tank--these are shown here for display purposes only.

This tank has two AN8 fuel fittings at the rear of the sump, which is particularly handy for cars with fuel injection return lines--take fuel out of one, put it back in the other--plus the AN6 tip-valve vent on top.

An important note for fitting: the book chassis' luggage compartment (hey, that's what Ron Champion calles it) opening is <exactly> 15" front to rear, which means if yours is a little small, this tank <exactly> won't fit.. If you're designing an IRS frame, surely designing it with a slightly bigger opening will be no challenge, and if you're copying somebody else's IRS frame, well, copy it accurately or you'll need a different tank.

With anti-slosh foam, JAZ price is $254.05. With your 20% Locost Builder's Discount, you can get this tank from Kinetic for $203.24.

JAZ normally has a $25 special handling charge on custom installations, but we get a break 'cause we do lots of them and one special handling charge covers it all--including drop shipping--so for twenty bucks you can whatever mods you want installed and have your tank shipped straight to your door without it visiting Creswell first, which will speed up the process by for or five business days (or as we old-timers say: a week). Here are the prices for all the options...

Clear instead of black: $20

Flush fuel filler instead of bail filler: $21

Add fuel return line fitting and in-tank hose to 10 gallon vertical tank:

AN-6 (3/8") $35.95, AN-8 (1/2") $40.95

Add fuel level senser (only available on 10 gallon):

0-90 ohm: $160.95, 240-33 ohm: $161.95, 70-10 ohm $162.95

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